Honored to be your mother…

Today you are 10 years old. And time has not flown quite as fast as you… You are way ahead of time. Your soul is that of a divine spirit, who with patience, respect, and understanding has taught me how to be your mother.

Your inner peace is so silent, so balanced. Beautiful daughter of mine, I strive – daily – for that peace. It’s not so easy for some. Yet you are the one that with a smile brings me back time after time. Back to sane-mommy, happy mommy. Because nothing is more important to me than your happiness, even though sometimes you’d think the opposite.

You are so mature, that you even understand the times I “cut your wings” to protect or educate you. With Holy Grace, you bow your head and say “teach me mom.”

What did I do to deserve such a peaceful child, like you? And you know I’m not talking about peace in terms of sitting still – ’cause you often don’t. You know I am talking about the peace harbored in you; your greatness to love other people, everything living.

There have been times when I screamed my lungs out, in frustration, with you, the dog, your siblings, or things that are out of my indomitable control. You could shout back, I know that. But you don’t’; you just remind me that screaming won’t solve the issue that has made my entire skeleton jump out of me and run for the hills. And you’re right. Screaming does not solve. A simple hug does. I love your hugs.

Thank you for reminding me how basic and pure life should be; love, understand, tolerate, love more. You are way beyond your years – way beyond mine too. Thank you for guiding me into motherhood, without you, I would be a different kind of mother. And thank you for coming back to me when I almost lost you to your Golden Light. You embody my everyday phrase “Divine Intervention Welcome.” I know He sent you back.

You make me want to be a flawless mother for you. You deserve one. Thank you for accepting me as the mother I am; yes–loving, but imperfect, impatient, perfectionist. You have taught me how to cave into kiddie-screams of laughter, cupcakes, the color pink, spontaneous hugs and kisses. You’ve taught me how seriousness is incompatible with life in the raw. Raw life – as in slow down, sit outside, count the birds and look for caterpillars, and try to make our dog laugh.

You are food for the soul. Any soul. Happy 10th birthday (going on 100th) beautiful angel of mine. I am honored to be your mother.

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